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La Plage Factory incubates ambitious and innovative startup teams willing to make a positive impact. We are the perfect address for tech businesses targeting Africa and Europe from Mauritius. Located in the very heart of the old Port-Louis, our coworking space is spread over two beautifully preserved colonial houses connected by a large cobblestone courtyard.

The startup journey

No.1 Get invited

We're looking for early stage tech businesses with a good idea, coachable and talented founder, and a business model that make sense. Innovation comes from diversity, we foster cross-country and inter-cultural startup teams. We incubate international businesses provided a company is incorporated in Mauritius. We are the perfect address for tech businesses targeting Africa and Europe from Mauritius. Send us a brief summary of your startup project and get invited for a pitch meeting.

No.2 Research & strategize

Our gut tells us this is a good idea with a killer business model, but before a dollar is spent on a single pixel or code, we will research the industry you're serving, the competition, and other proxy businesses.

No.3 Fund it, built it, lunch it

Now that we have a plan, it's time to build whatever it is we've been talking about for a few weeks. It takes a little money, some help from our partners, advice from our mentors and a high level of engagement from your startup team. While the designers and developers get started, the founders will be planning the go-to-market strategy, contacting potential customers, collecting beta users, and securing all legal and financial aspects with the support of our team of mentors. Once your web or mobile application is ready, we'll throw a launch party. This will be an opportunity to showcase and pitch your new startup to beta users, friends and family, and potential investors. You will be coached by "pitch masters" in the venture community to help you get the most from this experience. Once it's launched, the work is not over, it has only begun!

No.4 Iterate & grow your business

Coworking Port Louis is here to see you succeed and that's going to take some time. If your business needs funding to scale quickly, then our team will work diligently to connect you with the local community of business angels and a few venture funds. If you are building a slow and steady lifestyle startup, then we'll immediately work on customer acquisition, marketing and further product improvements. Either way, you are most welcome to keep your desk for a few months until your business has taken off completely.


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Large international exposure to EMEA, Asia-Pacific, Northern & Latin America and Eastern African markets and business etiquette.

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Intenrational Consultent Dinacor Consulting, Co-Founder Co-Working Pourt-Louis

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Self-taught entrepreneur, having successfully founded and developed eight companies in the field of advertising and technology.

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Address:  32 St Georges Street Port-Louis, Mauritius


Phone: +230 659 73 00